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Beyond providing easy access to useful information, the Internet enables us to communicate with people from all parts of the city, country--even the world. The most powerful tool here is the listserv--an online e-mail list that enables each subscriber to post and receive messages to and from every member of the group.

You can create email lists for your own organization on-the-spot through Yahoo Groups at Check it out.

The Institute for the Study of Civic Values manages several e-mail networks, both in Philadelphia and nationally. You can subscribe to any one or all of them from here.

PhillyBlocks-An email list to provide useful information to block activists and neighborhood volunteers working on projects that benefit blocks. A moderated "E-Group".

PhillySchoolsList-An e-mail network devoted to issues and problems related to improving Philadelphia's schools. Participants include leaders in the citizen organizations fighting for adequate school funding, parent leaders, teachers, and key people working within the School District.

NOLPhiladelphia-A moderated neighborhood email list through YahooGroups that we use for announcements of general interest to people involved in neighborhood and advocacy organizations.Check out NolPhiladelphia Messages

Family Advocates Network (FAN)- An e-mail network devoted to issues and problems related to welfare reform in Pennsylvania. Participants include activists in job training, day care, adult literacy, human service, and advocacy groups, along with reporters covering welfare reform in the Philadelphia media.

YouthSupportNet-An email network for people working with children and youth in our neighborhoods through after-school and summer programs, recreation centers, and day care.

Neighborhood Email Lists-These are lists created for individual neighborhoods and sections of Philadelphia. ISCV is organizing several neighborhood lists through Neighborhoods Online, and lists are being created independently. This page links to our own lists and to other neighborhood lists that we find.

Build-Com-A national e-mail list that is building a network of community organizations and local government agencies working on neighborhood problems and issues throughout the country. Activists from more than 100 cities now subscribe to build-com, which encourages more exchange of information than extensive discussion of public policy.

Civic-Values-the Institute for the Study of Civic Values´ national public policy e-mail network that has supported a free-wheeling exchange around local and national issues since 1995. There´s lots of discussion on civic-values, but if you´re looking for intelligent debate from a variety of perspectives, there´s no better forum on the Internet.

 Urban Voters Campaign-An e-mail network for people working to increase voter registration and turnout in Philadelphia and in cities throughout America.




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