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Youth and Families

City-Community Partnerships: Kids

Philadelphia Department of Recreation: 215-683-3682
The Philadelphia Department of Recreation is a public agency dedicated to providing recreational opportunities to city residents. Volunteers are always needed for clean-ups in both parks and recreation centers. To find out more about park clean-ups in your area call 215-696-3682. If you are interested in cleaning up a recreation center please call 215-683-3625. The supplies for these clean-ups are available through the Maintenance Division. Please call 215-583-3622 to obtain these supplies.

Philadelphia Safe and Sound: 215-226-2501
Philadelphia Safe and Sound is an organization focused on making fundamental changes in the way that the city supports youth and families. One of the ways it works system change for youth programming is to establish Neighborhood Coordinating Teams (NCT). The main focus of this organization is to develop partnerships to create healthier and safer communities for youth and families.

Urban Artscape: 215-686-3956
Urban Artscape is a program that combines daily art classes with mandatory community service programs. Artscale offers youth the chance to participate in visual, creative and perorming arts. Artscape is designed as an after school program that allows economically disadvantaged youths a chance to explore their artistic talent.

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